Chapter 25

Sophie 1




Author’s Note:

Wow! Season 2 is finished! Thank you for coming on this journey with me!

I wish I could convey how truly thankful I am and how much it means to me that you guys came by and read Grace’s story. I started writing this story back in May and I can’t believe we are here, 2 Seasons, and 7 months later! 😉 Your support, love, and encouragement have been so amazing, you guys keep me going.

Thank you for being here, reading, commenting, and for your support.

See you in Season 3!


55 thoughts on “Chapter 25

  1. DAMN. This season was so much more action packed than the last, and knowing what you’ve got planned for the future… it’s just going to keep getting better and better! You’ve done such a great job with this Rory, and I can’t wait for Season 3 to start!

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  2. Sophie KNOWS who did it, the police KNOWS 😮 Grace can not possibly get away with this! Also I’m kinda mad that this is only one picture because I would have loved to read about sophie’s despair mwahahahah (sorry I’m evil sometimes xD)

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  3. I so can’t believe it’s over! I’m so sad that it’s over, but so excited for season 3! I can’t wait to find out what happens! I feel bad for Sophie, but at the same time, I totally understand why Grace did it! I’m so torn on who to root for!


  4. Yess! Rooting for Grace here. If she’s just going to take the baby away and not harm the baby, I’m all for that! Revenge is sweet >:)


  5. I love this! I just finished reading the whole story. I’m looking forward to any more seasons, if you find the time to make them


  6. Didn’t arrive at commenting until now because I read everything at one go. Your story is written with the heart and is easy to read. So many little surprises and hints in it! (Still can’t get over the llama flu xD)
    Hope there will be Season 3 soon 🙂


  7. 😯 it’s been two years… please tell me there’s a season three still coming!? I just found this story and I read it in two days 🙈 It really broke my heart! I actually completely support her decision to kidnap that baby 😂.


    • Waking up to your comments and seeing that you read Grace’s story absolutely warmed my heart. I’m so happy that you enjoyed it! Season 3 is written but I haven’t gotten to the screenies at the moment. Thank you so very much for being here and for reading Grace’s story, msmarvel98! 🙂

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