Chapter 21

“Hi Grandma!” Sophie said as she entered the bakery. “Do you have…” Stopping immediately after she walked in, Sophie looked at Grace in horror. Frozen with fear, Sophie didn’t move. She couldn’t believe it. She never thought she would see Grace again.

CH 21 Pic 1

Sophie’s panic became so overwhelming that within seconds, her water broke and she grabbed her belly.

“OH GOD!” Sophie screamed as she threw her face back in pain. She was going into labor.

CH 21 Pic 2

Chapter 20

The day passed quickly as happy customers came and went with their cupcake purchases. A few stayed and had coffee while they chatted with friends. Some of the regulars came in and chatted excitedly about the status of Sophie and how she was doing with her pregnancy. It seemed as though Charlotte was really popular around town and her bakery was the local hang out. It was a place where neighbors met and gossiped about each other, teachers came in to buy boxes of cupcakes for school fundraisers, and the local church ordered 3 dozen cupcakes for a bake sale that would raise money to repair the old church bells.

CH 20 Pic 1

Charlotte treated everyone as family. Grace could see why everyone adored her. She treated the customers as though they were her family. She remembered details of people’s lives. Asking how their kids soccer practice went or slipping a few extra cupcakes in the cupcake box for a sick relative.

CH 20 Pic 2

Seeing how much Charlotte was adored by the town, it made it a little bit harder knowing that soon, she was going to be breaking Charlotte’s heart by destroying Sophie’s life. But the feelings of guilt were fleeting as Grace always came back to the memory of the day Sophie told a horrific lie and shattered Grace’s world.

“Oh, that’s lucky Grace…” The words of Sophie’s lie still rang in Grace’s ears and still cut her so deep.

CH 20 Pic 3

“No, Sophie deserves this. She deserves what I’m going to do to her.” Grace thought.

With the day winding down, Grace decided to start clearing the dishes from the tables and that’s when it happened. The door to the bakery opened and person that she had been waiting all of these years for had walked in.


Author’s Note: A HUGE thank you to two amazing people for making and donating Sims for this chapter!

-Yjp19299 for making the beautiful mother and daughter that appeared at the check out counter. They are so sweet!

– Emma-LeeXOXO for making the four adorable ladies that were sitting at the table having cupcakes and coffee. Emma-LeeXOXO writes AMAZING Simlit and her blog can be found here.

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Chapter 19

Grace was up before the sun the next morning. She wanted to make sure she was ready for Charlotte. She didn’t want to keep her waiting. Heading downstairs, Grace decided to look for cleaning supplies and wipe down the counters and tables before Charlotte got in. She wanted to make a good impression as she wasn’t sure how long she was going to need to rely on Charlotte’s kindness. Grabbing a bottle of disinfectant and towels, Grace got to work.

“Well, well! Good morning, Grace! I see you’re eager to get started!” Charlotte said with a big grin. “I’m so happy you’re up and ready to get started. But first, have you had breakfast?” Charlotte asked.

CH 19 Pic 1

“Um, no.” Grace replied. She hadn’t even thought of eating. She was eager to get her plan of revenge in motion. Eating breakfast had slipped her mind.

“Well, let me make you some scrambled eggs and bacon. We’ve got a big day ahead and I need to make sure you have your energy.” Charlotte winked as she started to cook.

“Thank you. Can I help you cook?” Grace asked.

“Nope. Just pull up a stool from the back room and I’ll have you some breakfast in no time.” Charlotte said, cheerfully.

CH 19 Pic 2

“So, on most days, I get here at 4am to prep ingredients and start baking the first batches of cupcakes…” Charlotte explained her entire day as Grace watched how smoothly Charlotte floated about her kitchen making breakfast. Charlotte explained that she needed someone to help with customers, keeping the store tidy, and occasionally help bake, if Grace was interested in learning.

“As for the cupcakes,” Charlotte explained, “I always make sure to have a few Strawberry  Fizzy Cupcakes on hand for my little Sophie. She has had such a craving for them during her pregnancy. She comes in almost daily for some!” Charlotte exclaimed happily as she continued cooking.

CH 19 Pic 3

“Daily, huh?” Grace thought. “That will be the perfect way to get her plan in motion. Surprise Sophie as she steps in for a sweet cupcake from little old Grandma.” Grace smiled to herself, excited her plan was coming along perfectly.

“Oh, what a beautiful smile you have, Dear. Here, eat up. We have a big day ahead.” Charlotte said as she placed the plateful of food in front of Grace.

CH 19 Pic 4 - HI

“Yes, yes we do.” Grace thought malevolently.

Author’s Note: Did you see it? A hidden item from The Sims 3 made it into a screen shot today! Shout it out when you see it!


Chapter 18

After Grace got out of the shower, she noticed that Charlotte was gone and a grilled cheese sandwich was on the counter next to a note.

CH 18 Pic 1

Dear Grace,

 Hoping you like grilled cheese, it is a specialty of mine. I left the key to the loft in case you would like to head out and explore Magnolia Promenade. Please, come and go as you please, this is your home. I look forward to seeing you bright and early tomorrow morning. Thank you for taking the job, it’s such a great help.

 Have a great night.



 Grace couldn’t believe her luck. Not only did she find a way to get to Sophie, but she landed a sweet place to stay and a job. Grace sat on the couch and looked around the loft. It was a great place. She wanted to distract herself from the wall of photos of Sophie. It’s like they were mocking her, showing off the great life that Sophie ripped from her. Feeling the rage and hatred return, she decided now was the best time to decide how she was going to exact her revenge.

CH 18 Pic 2

Author’s Note: Did you see it? A hidden item from The Sims 3 made it into a screen shot today! Shout it out when you see it!

Chapter 17

When Grace came to, she was sitting up and being fanned with a cupcake menu by Charlotte.

“Oh my goodness, you gave me quite a scare.” Charlotte said, her voice shaky.

“I…I’m okay. I’m just tired I guess.” Grace replied.

“Well, okay then. Off for a shower with you while I make you a bite to eat.” Charlotte said, helping Grace to her feet. Charlotte gave Grace the rest of the tour of the small flat and as she turned to head towards the kitchen, she started to giggle.

CH 17 Pic 1

“In all my excitement to hire you, I forgot to ask you your name.” Charlotte asked. Grace froze. She wanted to lie. She wasn’t sure she wanted Sophie to know she was in town. She wanted to see the shock and horror on her face when Grace made her presence known. But she decided to tell Charlotte the truth. She owed it to her for how generous she was being.

“My name is Grace.” She replied.

“Well, Grace, welcome to Magnolia Promenade.” Charlotte said, cheerfully.

CH 17 Pic 2

Chapter 16

Grace followed Charlotte up the stairs to the loft above the bakery. As they got to the top of the stairs, Charlotte reached into her pocket for the keys and turned and smiled excitedly at Grace.
“I hope you like it okay. It may be a little musty but I can just open the windows and fix that no problem.” Charlotte said, smiling.

CH 16 Pic 1

Stepping into the loft, Charlotte flicked on the light and turned to hand Grace the keys. Standing awkwardly in the doorway, Grace could see that it was a beautiful loft. Open and airy, full of light and beautiful furnishings. But Grace felt uncomfortable. She had just met Charlotte and she didn’t know what to do here. Should she just follow her in?

“Feel free to look around while I get some windows open and get some fresh air in here.” Charlotte said crossing the room to open the closest window. Walking back across the room, Charlotte noticed that Grace was still standing outside the door.

“Oh, sweetie. It’s okay.” Charlotte said, smiling encouragingly at Grace. “Don’t be so shy. This is your home. Take a look around.” Charlotte said sweetly. “I’m going to open the bedroom windows, I’ll be right back.” Charlotte pulled Grace into the loft, gave her a hug, and headed off to open more windows.

CH 16 Pic 2

Stepping into the loft, Grace scanned the beautiful room. Then she saw it. She was shocked. She couldn’t believe it. There, before her, was a wall of photos of Sophie and her adoptive parents and Charlotte. Framed photos of piano lessons, backyard swim parties with family, play dates with friends at the park, camping trips, Christmas memories in front of the tree, a beautiful wedding day, it was all there. A lifetime of happy memories. Grace thought she was going to pass out.

CH 16 Pic 3

Walking back into the room, Charlotte noticed that Grace was looking at her family photos.

“Oh I see you’ve found some pictures of my family.” Charlotte said, proudly. Trying to hold it together, Grace smiled back at Charlotte.

“What a beautiful little girl.” Grace said, her palms starting to sweat. “What’s her name?”

“That’s my sweet Granddaughter, Sophie. She’s a very special girl. My daughter and my son-in-law adopted her when she was little. She means the whole world to us.” Charlotte gushed. Grace couldn’t handle it anymore. She wanted to scream, she wanted to cry. She could feel herself start to lose it a little. She needed to pull herself together.

Ch 16 Pic 4

“She looks so happy.” Grace said, hiding the sadness and rage in her voice.

“Oh, she’s a wonderful girl. And what’s even better is that I’m going to be a Great Grandmother soon.” And with that comment, everything swirled in Grace’s vision and everything went black.

Chapter 15


Grace walked along the paved road and shivered as the cool air whipped around her. It had been a long day and she was getting tired. She hadn’t thought about where she was going to sleep her first night in town. Spotting a bench across the street, she was reminded of a movie Miss Derby used to love to watch with Audrey Hepburn.

CH 15 Pic 1

Crossing the street and looking down at the bench, Grace shrugged her shoulders and laid down.

“When in Rome.” She thought to herself amusingly.

Chapter 15 Pic 2

She was only asleep for a few hours when the sun started to come up and the amazing aroma of baked goods filled the air. It turned out Grace had fallen asleep across the way from a cupcake shop.

CH 15 Pic 3

Sitting up on the bench, Grace noticed that there was a table out front that had samples. The food that Laurel had packed for her was eaten by Vito when Grace fell asleep while they were on their way into town. Grace was furious but she figured she owed him since he was nice enough to drive her here. Walking over to the table Grace saw that there was one morsel of a sample left. Popping the sweet bite into her mouth, Grace sat down at the table and closed her eyes and enjoyed the sweet treat.

CH 15 Pic 4

Opening her eyes, Grace saw a Help Wanted poster in the window.

“This could actually work to my advantage. I could earn a little money while I look for Sophie, maybe even ask around a little.” Grace thought. “I wouldn’t have to worry about going hungry, I could just eat the scraps. I just need to clean up, come back, and give a sob story to the owner so I could get the job.” Just then, an older lady came out of the cupcake shop with a plate full of fresh samples.

CH 15 Pic 5

“Well, hello there, Dearie.” She said as she set the plate down. Realizing that she looked a mess, Grace started to get up and leave.

“Oh now I didn’t mean to scare you off. Here, sit back down, have some more cupcakes.” The lady offered kindly.

“Thank you.” Grace said, shyly reaching for another sample.

“My name is Charlotte and I’m the owner of this here shop. I saw you looking at the Help Wanted sign. Were you looking for a job?” Charlotte asked.

“I…uhh…” Grace looked down sadly at the empty plate in front of her. “I’ve only just arrived in town, I really haven’t gotten my feet under me yet.” Grace smoothed down her hair and tried to look presentable. It was obvious that she was a nomad with her duffle bag at her feet and worn down clothes. She really wanted to be better prepared if there was to be an actual job interview. Charlotte pulled out a chair, sat down, looked at Grace and smiled. She could see that Grace was down on her luck and needed some help.

CH 15 Pic 6

Deciding to be honest, Grace decided to tell Charlotte just a little of why she was in Magnolia Promenade.

“I ran away from home. Well, it wasn’t really a home. I was abandoned at an orphanage. I couldn’t stand it there anymore, so I left.” Grace said, looking down at her shoes. Charlotte’s eyes widened with concern.

“Well, it seems that not only do you need a job, but a place to stay. It so happens that my last employee left for Briarwick College to be a chef and I really need someone to come in immediately and help out.”

CH 15 Pic 7

“But I don’t know a thing about baking…” Grace explained. Charlotte looked down and noticed Grace’s duffle bag.

“It seems that you also need a place to stay. There’s a loft that sits above the bakery that no one uses. You are welcome to it. So what do you say?” Charlotte asked, patting Grace’s hand sweetly.

“You would hire someone with pink hair?” Grace asked, shyly.

“I would hire a purple people eater at this point. I could really use the help. And so could you.” Charlotte said, smiling.

CH 15 Pic 8

“Okay, when do I start?” Grace asked.

“How about tomorrow? But first, let’s get you settled in.” Charlotte said with a smile.

CH 15 Pic 9

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Chapter 14

After Vito’s shift, he and Grace hopped into his car and headed out for Magnolia Promenade. The 4 hour drive didn’t seem that long as Vito played music the entire drive and sang along to his music. After a while, he pulled over to the side of the road and turned down the music.

“Okay, Grace. Here’s your stop.” Vito said.

“Thank you for the ride. I really appreciate it.” Grace replied as she gathered her things.

“No problem, sweetie. MP is just 5 minutes up this road. If you are ever back in town, come on by. Drinks will be on the house.” Vito offered. Grace climbed out of the car and stood on the side of the road and watched as Vito pulled away from the curb and honked twice as he pulled out of sight.

Chapter 14 Pic 1 copy

Grace started walking. She would be in town soon enough and she was thrilled to find Sophie and make her pay for what she had done to her. How exactly she was going to get revenge, she wasn’t sure. She just knew she had to find Sophie first.

CH 14 Pic 2

Author’s Note: Did you see it? A hidden item from The Sims 3 made it into a screen shot today! Shout it out when you see it! 😉

Chapter 13

Warning: This chapter contains adult language. 1 swear word to be precise.

Grace had been driving for hours but she didn’t care. Stopping just once to pee on the side of the dirt road and to eat half of a sandwich, Grace was determined to make up for the lost time of sleeping in earlier today. Tapping her fingers on the steering wheel and listening to the music, Grace noticed that the truck started to chug violently.

“Oh, no. No, no, no, no.” Grace cried. The jerking increased and smoke started coming out from under the hood. “Please, don’t die.” Grace pleaded with the dying heap of metal. With a final lurch, the truck spat out its last breath and quit.

“Crap.” Grace swore, desperately tapping the wires together again. Nothing was happening. It was most definitely dead. Looking around, Grace noticed that at least it died conveniently outside of a bar. Maybe someone inside could offer her a ride the rest of the way. Getting out of the truck, Grace kicked the driver side door shut and huffed into the bar.

CH 13 Pic 1

It was dark inside and really run down. A few patrons were scattered around, lost in their drinks. Grace looked over to the bar and found a bartender standing there, polishing a glass.

“Well, shit. Thank you for bringing my truck back to me. But really, you didn’t have to go through the trouble. I would have gotten it eventually.” The bartender teased. Grace sank into the barstool in front of him. “Of all the people in the world, I had to steal HIS car?!” Grace thought to herself.

“I…uhhh…” Grace started to say, nervously looking around.” The bartender started laughing.

CH 13 Pic 2

“It’s okay. Angelo told me. I’m his brother, Vito. He warned me to get that lump of crap off of his property.” Vito was laughing hard.

CH 13 Pic 3

“We like to pull pranks on each other. He won this round.” Grace let out the breath she was holding and laughed along with Vito.

“So, you must be Grace. Can I make you a Zebra Fizz?” Vito asked. Grace wasn’t old enough for alcohol but it didn’t seem like Vito cared.

“Sure, that sounds great.” Grace smiled.

CH 13 Pic 4

“So, I hear you’re headed out to Magnolia Promenade. With that crap truck dying on you, how are you going to make it the rest of the way?” Vito asked.

“Walking. It can’t be that much further. I’ve been driving for hours.”

“Well, Magnolia Promenade is still another 4 hours away.” Vito replied, watching Grace’s face fall with what he said. “Look, I’m headed out to the outskirts of MP tonight for… business…I could drive you.” Vito offered. “Would be nice to have a pretty little thing like you to stare at. It would make the drive shorter, you know what I mean?” Grace was creeped out. But she didn’t care. She had to make it there tonight if she was going to get back on schedule.

“Sounds great. Thank you for the ride.” Grace smiled.

CH 13 Pic 5

Author’s Note: I wanted to thank some awesome friends who got together, donated Sims, and even built this entire Bar for me!

Thank you to Carewren123 for making this entire build! When I wasn’t having any luck with what I was looking for in the Gallery, she whipped up a Dive Bar for me! If you want to load this Lot into your game, check out the info HERE. Thank you so much for making this lot! And guess what? She writes awesome Simlit as well! Check out carewren123’s amazing Simlit HERE!


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Chapter 12

CH 12 Pic 1

The driver side door opened with a creak and Grace climbed in. Tossing her bag onto the passenger seat, Grace grabbed the wires that were sticking out from under the steering column and tapped the wires just like Angelo showed her. Sure enough, the truck roared to life. Putting the cassette back into the tape deck, the music continued where it left off.

Throwing the truck into reverse, Grace backed the truck out of the parking spot and put it into drive.

CH 12 Pic 2

Pulling out onto the street, Grace listened to the lyrics and smiled.

“It’s the eye of the tiger

It’s the thrill of the fight
Rising up to the challenge of our rival
And the last known survivor
Stalks his prey in the night
And he’s watching us all with the eye of the tiger

Face to face, out in the heat
Hanging tough, staying hungry
They stack the odds ’til we take to the street
For the kill with the skill to survive…”
Tapping the steering wheel to the beat of the music, Grace looked down at the paper that had the directions to Magnolia Promenade.

“I’m coming for you, Sophie.” Grace whispered, a smile creeping across her lips.

CH 12 Pic 3