Chapter 22

A few days have passed since Sophie went into labor at the bakery and the town was a buzz with excitement as people came in to bring gifts and offer well wishes to Charlotte for Sophie and her new baby.

CH 22 Pic 2

Pleased that her mere presence and had sent Sophie into a panic, inducing Sophie’s labor, Grace decided now is the perfect time to put her plan in action. Grabbing a bakery box, Grace walked over to the pastry case and put in a few Strawberry Fizzy cupcakes. With the box in hand, she headed over to Charlotte.

“I hope this works.” Grace whispered, under her breath.

“I was thinking,” Grace started to explain to Charlotte, setting the box on the counter, “With Sophie not being able to come into the bakery with the new baby and all, I was thinking that I’m sure she would love some of your cupcakes. Why don’t I deliver some to her?” Grace asked.

CH 22 Pic 1 - HI

“Oh, you sweet thing. That’s a wonderful idea.” Charlotte said, beaming. Grabbing a pen, Charlotte wrote directions on how to get to Sophie’s house on the bakery box. Excited to see that Sophie only lived a few blocks away, Grace ran her plan of revenge through her head again just to make sure she would get every detail right.

“I’m so excited,” Grace gushed to Charlotte, “She won’t see this surprise coming.”

CH 22 Pic 3


Author’s Note: Did you see it? A hidden item from The Sims 3 made it into a screen shot today! Shout it out when you see it!

13 thoughts on “Chapter 22

  1. OH! OH!! Is it the giraffe stuffed animal??? Looks like Grace is going do some nice to Sophie, but by my looks, it doesn’t since she plans to get revenge on her.

    By the way, Travis Scott made a guest appearance in one of the screenshots. Tell him I said hi! πŸ™‚

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  2. Only 3 chapters left and the lack of Meatball presence is quite astounding. He was in the trailer!! He sure must appear in one of these chapters and do something spectacular. Like roundhouse kick Sophie from the bed. That would be awesome! (Just random thoughts…)

    Liked by 1 person

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