Liebster Award


I’ve been Liebsterized…times five!

What is the Liebster Award you ask? The Liebster Award is a pay-it-forward style award designed to bring attention to the up and coming blogs we love.

When you give this award, you’re telling the recipient that their blog is one of your favorites. I’m honored that five amazing and inspiring writers, Aroseinbloom, Trulycurly, CitizenErased14 (AKA Amanda), BruNCC93, and The Plumbob think of my story as worthy of this award.


The first nomination came from a writer and blogger I am honored to call a close personal friend! I actually talk to her daily! A few months ago, when I started my blog, I was a bit overwhelmed with all of the buttons. Aroseinbloom, or Rosie, as she is affectionately called by many, actually took the time to explain every single button! She’s amazing. Another thing that’s amazing about her is her writing! I have such a love for her legacy, The Skinner Family Saga. Her blog is a great showcase of her awesome stories from a wonderful and talented storyteller.


The second nomination came from, Trulycurly – Anyone who knows me knows that I am a huge Disney fan and when I read TrulyCurly’s story, I am in a state of happy Disney Bliss. When I started reading her story, it actually inspired me to start my own game play of the Disney Legacy Challenge. In Trulycurly’s story, we follow the founder, Eira, as she starts out with nothing and through the rules of the Challenge, Eira must find a way to have 7 children, by the same father, with a few other twists thrown in. This Disney Legacy is so fun to read, I love how this story is written.


The third nomination came from, Citizenerased14 (AKA Amanda), author of, “Dust to Dust” and “Paranormal.” This nomination actually has a neat story behind it. Right after I was nominated, I sent a message to Amanda saying that I saw going to nominate her stories. Amanda is so sweet, she said that she had been nominated as well and was going to nominate me! So if you’re wondering why you see her name in my list of nominees below, it’s because we picked each other! How fun! Amanda’s stories are amazing and after I read her teaser tagline for her story, “Dust to Dust”, I was immediately hooked. Amanda takes a unique twist on the classic love story and turns it into something you would never expect! A true treat! A section of her blog is even dedicated for bios of her characters so you can take a deeper look into what makes her characters tick. Visit her blog to check out all of her amazing stories.


The fourth nomination came from, BruNCC93, author of, “Second Star to the Right, A Disney Challenge.” This Disney Challenge story has a perfect mix of sweetness and charm.  BruNCC93 has written a most enjoyable Disney Challenge and I adore it. 🙂


The fifth nomination came from, The Plumbob, author of, “The Bloomer Legacy.” This Build Newcrest Legacy this story is packed with glorious builds as The Plumbob builds an entire town (and Legacy) from scratch! I’m so attached to her lovable Sims but the added bonus to this special Legacy? You can download all of her amazing builds straight from the Gallery! How awesome is that? Even more awesome is that my own characters (The Meatballs) have even showed up in her story! How fun! (We nominated each other at the same time!)


Accepting the nomination comes with these conditions:

  1. Post the award on your blog.
  2. Thank the blogger who presented the award and link back to their blog.
  3. Nominate 5-11 bloggers whom you feel deserve this award and have fewer than or equal to 3,000 followers.
  4. Answer 11 questions posted by the nominator, and ask your nominees 11 questions.


My Nominations:

The neat part of the Liebster Award is the pay-it-forward aspect. By paying-it-forward, this award encourages us to share and bring awareness to the blogs we love. Here are my nominations of wonderful stories which I hope you will come to enjoy as much as I have.

1) Ironbound by Munterbaconsims – A Sci-fi story that is so well-thought out with detailed characters that will leave you in awe. The visual elements alone of this blog are so incredible, it gets me so immersed in the story, that I forget that they are Sims! Munter has just started a new Zom-Com as well. This story takes a Zombie Apocalypse theme but there’s a special twist to it. It’s amazing!

2) Dust to Dust by Citizenerased14 (AKA Amanda) – A supernatural story that had me hooked just by reading the teaser line to the story, “We live, We love, We die… (but not always in that order)” How awesome is that?! Amanda’s story is a wonderful love story with a twist. Curious as to what the twist is? Check out her amazing story!

3) The Belle Legacy by iheartdinosx3 – In this Legacy Challenge, we follow the beautiful founder, Violet Belle as she starts her life over. Being raised in a very privileged family, Violet is forced to start over on her own and as she struggles in her new life, she quickly discovers how easy she had it in her privileged lifestyle! This Legacy is so sweet and so well-written.

4) Lilliana Moonchild – A Legacy of Fame by Lizzie – This story follows the Moonchild Family Legacy. Full of romance, intrigue, and twists you will never see coming, I was hooked on this story from the very first chapter. Based on the Legacy Challenge, Lizzie has definitely made this story her own. I’m always eager for more posts as I thoroughly enjoy her story.

5) VanDijk Legacy- Reaping What You Sow by xovalee – In this Legacy Challenge, we follow the founder, Hank Van Dijk, and his dream to start his own farm and cultivate the land with his own bare hands. The characters created in this story are so charming and engaging I have enjoyed watching this Legacy family grow.

6) The Devine Family Legacy by Summerfalls – A perfect example of what the true meaning of family is, Summerfalls has written a wonderful story using the Legacy Challenge. Always a pleasure to read, my heart is happier and lighter after every chapter I read.

7) Disney Legacy -The Blancs by swcheppes –  Once upon a time there was a beautiful girl named Snow Blanc, and in this Legacy Challenge story, we follow her as she builds a life and family for herself. A beautifully illustrated Sims 4 Legacy, Swcheppes has such a gift for photography as she captures the environment her Sims live in and the wonderful expressions on her Sims faces. This talent adds such depth to her delightful story.

8) The Bloomer Legacy by ThePlumbob – In this Build Newcrest Legacy Challenge, we follow the Bloomer family as ThePlumbob builds the entire town from scratch and intertwines the builds into her amazing story. Starting with a blank town, each generation of the Legacy has a specific goal to build a part of the town. The readers get a double treat here as we get to watch the family and the town grow.


My Questions for the nominees:

1.) What inspired you to start your blog?

2.) What is your favorite pastime?

3.) How do you stay organized when you get ideas for your story? Paper and Pen? An     App? Post-it notes? Other?

4.) How do you keep up with reading all of the blogs that you read?

5.) When you write, do you prefer quiet or noise in the background?

6.) What do you rely on to bring you inspiration?

7.) Quick, you’ve washed ashore on a very small deserted island with no escape with 3 Sims from any of your stories. Who are they and what would happen?

8) When did you start playing The Sims?

9) Do you play non-simming games? If so, which ones?

10) Do you have a favorite Sim in your stories?

11) If you could meet any one fictional character who would you pick?


Answers to Aroseinbloom’s questions:

1) Pen or pencil?
Always a pencil. With extra erasers. I change my mind so much, I could never commit to a pen!

2) What inspires you most?
Getting outside and taking my dog for a walk. It clears my mind.

3) What’s your guilty pleasure?
Buying a new book every week. This guilty pleasure has turned into a personal library at home, but I love to buy books every week.

4) If you could quickly and effectively learn one skill that you don’t currently have, what would it be?
Proper grammar in a sentence. I’m awful at placing commas.

5) What will the title of your biography be?
“You better sit down, this will shock you”

6) Marvel or DC Comics?

7) If you could travel anywhere right now, where would it be?
I would travel to London and have a proper cup of tea.

8) Describe your ideal day off/commitment free day.
A day spent at the beach walking barefoot in the sand.

9) Tell me one unique thing about you.
I’ve met His Holiness, the 14th Dalai Lama. Just me, him, and a friend of his. It was pretty neat.

10) I need a good book to read. Any recommendations? (You can only pick ONE!)
I’m currently reading a book by Jodi Picoult, co-written with her daughter, Samantha van Leer, entitled, “Between the Lines.” I’m a few chapters in and I really enjoy it.


Answers to TrulyCurly’s questions:

1) Why did you start blogging?
I started blogging after a year of deliberations if I should jump into the writing pool or not. I had been reading so many great stories that were so inspiring and I decided that now was the time.

2) What is your favorite activity to do with your Sims?
I just enjoy letting them be autonomous and enjoy each other’s company.

3) Do you play with pre-made sims? If so, who is your favorite?
My current favorite is a Sim I created for my own personal Legacy, Coral Pink. It’s a Legacy where every generation is named after a different color.

4) Which trait (or aspiration) is closest to your heart?
Best Selling Author as it has always been a dream of mine.

5) What do you want to express with your Sims Stories?
I hope to evoke emotions from the stories I tell and keep people guessing what will come next.

6) What do you think is the best thing about The Sims?
The whole concept of writing using screenshots from a videogame is intriguing to me. Not only is The Sims just a regular video game, but people have adapted it in so many different ways.

7) What are your hobbies except The Sims?
I’m an avid bibliophile.

8) What is your spirit animal?
A cat. Sweet and fluffy.

9) What would be your job if you didn’t have to think about money?
An author.

10) Which historic era would you like to live in?
Victorian London.

11) And finally, which Disney princess is your favourite and why? 🙂
Cinderella. Because dreams really do come true.


Answers to Citizenerased14’s questions:

1) What inspired you to first start writing SimLit?
When The Sims 4 first came out, I went online onto the forums and I saw that people were writing Simlit. I had heard of it and I had seen it briefly with The Sims 2 but I had no idea that it was such a big thing. After reading (and getting hooked on) a few stories, I decided to jump in and give it a try.

2) What’s your favorite Sims EP (from any game) and why?
Hands down, Seasons. I loved the changing of the seasons with the weather and the beautiful Autumn leaves, and I loved the festivals that came to town. I remember the first time I sent my Sim into the haunted house, I was so scared she was going to die!

3) What’s your favorite movie?
Disney’s Cinderella.

4) If you could have any job in the world, what would it be?
Either an English Literature teacher at Yale, an Archaeologist, or a Marine Biologist.

5) What are your top three favorite books of all time? (I know, it’s hard to choose!)
I don’t have 3 favorite books but I do have 2 books and a poem:
Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland
Jane Austen’s Northanger Abbey
Samuel Taylor Coleridge’s poem, The Rime of the Ancient Mariner

6) Do you play other video games besides The Sims? What are your favorites?
Oh wow. The list would be way too long so I will just say that I play all types of games across all consoles and the PC. But my favorites are the adventures that I went on with Link. Remember, it’s dangerous to go alone. (Hands you a sword)

7) What was the first concert you ever went to?
The first concert I had ever been to was one that I was in when I was younger. I was in a musical. (I even sang to the governor!)

8) When you were a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up?
A Marine Biologist.

9) If you were trapped forever on a desert island, what three things would you bring with you?
A book to entertain me
A machete
Some sort of magical water filter that I could use forever and make sea water drinkable.

10) Who is your favorite literary character and why?
Alice from Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland. A brave girl in an unusual world, she carries herself through no matter how weird the world around her gets.

11) If you were allowed one trip in the TARDIS (or time machine, for non-whovians), where/when would you choose to visit and why?
I would visit Victorian London because I was born in the wrong time period.


Answers to BruNCC93’s questions:

1) What was the first Sim blog you have ever followed?
The first blogs were all done in one sitting, they were (and still are)
CathyTea, Aroseinbloom, 4th Muse, and Jes2G a year ago.

2) What is your favorite Sim Challenge? Have you played it or are you still planning to?
I have three favorites! One that I streamed last year on Twitch before The Sims 3 came out that I will keep a secret for now as I am revamping it to The Sims 4 and I’m turning it into a Let’s Play that will be posted on my YouTube channel, the second Challenge was the Cinderella Challenge I did in The Sims 3, (my game crashed and I lost the entire Challenge. I was heart broken) and my third favorite is the A-Z Baby Challenge in my Sims 4 game.

3) If you could have one superpower, what would it be?
To read my cats mind. She must think that I’m the weirdest creature.

4) One character from your childhood that has inspired you.

5) Do you write with or without music?
Total silence. I can’t have anything going. If a bug farts, I can hear it and I get distracted.

6) TS1, TS2, TS3 or TS4?
TS3 for the Packs, TS4 for the graphics.

7) What’s your dream city?
Seattle, WA

8) Do you play any non-simming games? If so, which ones?
A ton. So many that I can’t list them all. I play across all consoles and the PC. But my favorite will always be the adventures I have with Link in Hyrule.

9) Which is your favorite Disney princess?
Cinderella. Although Belle and Anna are a close second.

10) What inspires you the most?
The Sims Community and the amazing friends I have met in the Sims Forums. Specifically, The Writers Lounge For New and Old thread. There are some incredible people there.

11) If you could chose the theme for the next expansion/game pack, what would it be and why?
Just bring back Seasons and I will be super happy. Crunchy leaves, festivals, snow!


Answers to The Plumbob’s questions:

1) What came first for you, writing or simming?
Simming! I started Simming in 2000 when the original game came out.

2) If you could describe three of the characters from one of your stories with a song, what would it be?
Eye of the Tiger by Survivor. I have some real fighters and survivors in my story.

3) What sim from your story do you have most in common with?
Grace. We share similar childhoods.

4) What would you do if you were a sim for a day? (Your player caters to whims and has free will on ;))
I would Motherlode a million times and live in a castle and hang out with Meatball and have him tell me all about his nefarious deeds.

5) Who is the first sim you remember making?
Cinder for the Cinderella Challenge.

6) Have you ever dabbled in writing that has nothing to do with SimLit?
Yes, I have. A children’s adventure story.

7) What would be the top 3 countries you would like to visit some day?
The UK, Italy, and Switzerland.

8) Who is your favourite book author?
Hmmmm. So hard to pick just one. Lewis Carroll.

10) If you could be transported into the setting/world described in any book, what would it be?
This is SUCH and awesome question! Either Henry’s Abbey from Northanger Abbey or visit Alice’s Wonderland.

11) What was your all time favourite expansion of any sims game?
Seasons! I miss it so much! The snow, the beautiful Autumn trees, and the awesome festivals!

12) If you could meet any sim from anyone’s story (apart from your own), who would it be?
Anyone from any CathyTea story. I’m such a hippie/happy person, I really connect with her.