Chapter 21

“Hi Grandma!” Sophie said as she entered the bakery. “Do you have…” Stopping immediately after she walked in, Sophie looked at Grace in horror. Frozen with fear, Sophie didn’t move. She couldn’t believe it. She never thought she would see Grace again.

CH 21 Pic 1

Sophie’s panic became so overwhelming that within seconds, her water broke and she grabbed her belly.

“OH GOD!” Sophie screamed as she threw her face back in pain. She was going into labor.

CH 21 Pic 2

36 thoughts on “Chapter 21

      • I think they mean they are surprised *Sophie* recognized *Grace*, but, like you said, they were friends before all this went down. I think I would recognize a close childhood friend even if it had been 10 years or so.

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      • Ahhhhhh!!!!! I get it now! *forehead slap* Last year a childhood friend of mine I used to call, “Pickle Juice Ricky” came up to my husband and I in a restaurant. He instantly recognized me and even commented that it’s fitting that I would have bright blue hair. I would never forget this guy. He used to save pickle juice and drink it like it was a glass of water. Just chug it all in one sitting. Last time I saw him we were about 8 years old. I never thought that people would not recognize their childhood friends.

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