Meet Grace

 photo Meet Teen Grace_zpsa6v1cg8b.jpg

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Useful information about Grace

  • Abandoned on the doorstep of Brixton Orphanage for Children in Oasis Springs as a baby.
  • Shy as a child due to inability to make friends. Now a teenager, Grace is slowly coming out of her shell.
  • Bullied by other children living at the Orphanage.
  • Only possession is her yellow stuffed toy named, “Chompy.”
  • At school, Grace excelled in Science due to her natural curiosity of the world and how Scientists combine ingredients for experiments. She hopes to use Science somehow as a career when she grows older.
  • Aspiration: Soulmate
  • Traits: Outgoing, Childish, Alluring, Creatively Gifted, Domestic, Gregarious, Independent, Naturalist, Observant

Grace’s History:

Grace arrived in a yellow bassinet on the doorstep of Brixton Orphanage for Children in Oasis Springs when she was just a baby. A note attached to her shirt read, “My name is Grace.” Underneath the blanket Grace was laying on, the Orphanage owner, Miss Derby, discovered stacks of money. The only other item in the bassinet was a yellow stuffed toy.

As time passed, Grace became best friends with a child named Sophie Templeton that had arrived at the Orphanage. They shared great memories and a happy friendship.


Heading into Season 2:

After overhearing a lie that left Grace in shock, Grace was left with a deeply broken heart. Many years of hate and hurt festered in her heart and on her birthday, Grace made a vow of vengeance.  After getting information from a shady character on Sophie’s current whereabouts, Grace packed her bags and ran away from the Orphanage.  Catching the same train that Alex and Hazel did when they ran away, Grace is on the run as she searches for Sophie.



Mother (Unknown)

Father (Unknown)

Sibling discovered in Chapter 16





Past Marriages:



Flings & Relationships:




Current: A decision was made in Chapter 20 which leaves this information unknown.

Past: Brixton Orphanage for Children in Oasis Springs.


Current and Past Occupation:



Crimes Committed:




Scrapbook Photos:

Grace as a young child at Brixton Orphanage for Children.
 photo Grace as a child_zpsfemt0akg.jpg


The day Grace was abandoned at Brixton Orphanage. Money peeks out from the upper left hand side of the blanket she’s laying on. Chompy, her beloved stuffed toy, sits beside her.
 photo Grace in bassinet - Copy copy_zpsmiffskhj.jpg


Grace playing in the backyard at the Orphanage with her beloved Chompy.
 photo Grace with Chompy copy_zpslpjltujt.jpg


Grace with her best friend at the Orphanage, Sophie Templeton.
 photo Best friends copy_zpsbl4ldnzv.jpg


Friday’s are Grace’s favorite as her class gets their turn at the Science Lab.
 photo Science Friday copy_zpsreuizxci.jpg


The heart breaking day Sophie betrayed Grace.
 photo Sophies betrayal copy_zpsmthwtsel.jpg


The day Grace ran away.
 photo making a run for it copy_zpssuv9l6wu.jpg

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