Sophie Templeton

Meet Sophie Templeton

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Useful information about Sophie:

  • An only child, Sophie arrived at Brixton Orphanage for Children in Oasis Springs soon after a family house fire that killed her parents.
  • Revealed what a scamp she is in Chapter 7.
  • Was adopted by Molly and Drake Robinson.
  • Married her true love and had a baby named Molly
  • Aspiration: Rambunctious Scamp
  • Trait: Outgoing, Incredibly Friendly, Tormentor


Sophie’s History:

Sophie Templeton arrived at the Brixton Orphanage for Children in Oasis Springs due to a tragic family accident. Sophie’s parents, Michael and Jennifer, were headed out to dinner to celebrate their tenth wedding anniversary and asked Sophie’s aunt, Greta Collins, to baby sit. After sending Sophie to bed, Greta poured herself a third snifter of whiskey, lit a cigarette, and settled on the couch to watch TV before the end of the broadcast day. The warmth of the whiskey quickly put Greta to sleep and the cigarette she was holding fell out of her hand and caught the couch on fire. Soon after, the entire house was ablaze. Unable to make sense of things, Greta stumbled out into the front yard. Sophie’s parents, came home to find the house completely engulfed in flames and Greta standing in the front yard in a drunken daze. Not seeing Sophie anywhere, a neighbor told the parents Sophie was still inside and that they had just called 911. After frantically running into the house to save their only child, the house collapsed and killed both of Sophie’s parents. Soon after the house collapsed, a young Sophie came walking around from the side yard. It turns out she managed to escape just a few seconds before the collapse. The funeral came and went and soon after Sophie was place in Greta’s care. Wrecked with guilt and grief stricken over the death of Sophie’s parents, Greta decided to leave Sophie at the orphanage and left town.

Sophie grew up a the Orphanage and became friends with Grace the first day she arrived.


Heading into Season 2:

As time passed, Sophie and Grace became close friends, until the day Sophie betrayed Grace, and showed her true personality. After Sophie was adopted, she moved to Magnolia Promenade and had a happy childhood. She married the love of her life and had her first child, Molly.



Jennifer Templeton (Mother – Deceased)

Michael Templeton (Father – Deceased)

Greta Collins (Aunt)

Molly Robinson (Adoptive Mother)

Drake Robinson (Adoptive Father)

Charlotte Kirkpatrick (Adoptive Grandmother)

Evan Kirkpatrick (Adoptive Grandfather – Deceased)

Molly Robinson (Daughter)



Molly Robinson (Daughter)


Past Marriages:

Currently married to Tyler Calloway.


Flings & Relationships:

Tyler Calloway, her husband.



Current: After being adopted in Chapter 12,  Sophie moved with her adoptive parents to Magnolia Promenade.

Past: Brixton Orphanage for Children in Oasis Springs.


Current and Past Occupation:

Stay at home Mom.


Crimes Committed:



Scrapbook Photos:

Sophie’s first birthday with her new family.

08-10-15_7-45 PM


Sophie’s first camping trip.

Camping copy1


Exploring Granite Falls.



Grandma Charlotte teaching Sophie how to play horseshoes.

Horseshoes with Charlotte


Sophie’s first family vacation.

Family Vacation


Sophie’s first time at the spa.

Girls day at the Spa


Sophie’s first Christmas with her new family.



A family favorite pastime, backyard summer barbecues.

Summer BBQ


Pregnant with her first baby, Sophie and her husband enjoy a special moment.

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