Miss Derby

Meet Miss Derby

Miss Derby photo Derby_zpsehdzeopr.jpg

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Useful information about Miss Derby

  • Current owner of Brixton Orphanage for Children in Oasis Springs.
  • Takes in children, no questions asked, and raises them in hopes that they will be adopted quickly as she despises all children. In return for raising the children, Miss Derby requires a hefty fee for keeping the identity of the parents of the children a secret.
  • Lives a luxurious lifestyle behind the closed door of her bedroom as the children live in filth.
  • Has an affinity for fine cheese and Audrey Hepburn movies.
  • Used to own a mysterious statue that she doted over daily that she received as payment for raising Alex Crews.  The current location of this statue is unknown by Miss Derby.
  • Kept a horrible secret from two children that grew up at the Orphanage. This secret was discovered by accident by one of the children in Chapter 16.
  • Aspiration: Public Enemy
  • Traits: Dastardly, Mean, Evil, Hates Children, Tormentor, Mastermind

Miss Derby’s History:

Miss Derby, a lifetime resident of Oasis Springs, has always enjoyed living in the underbelly of the town. She got her nickname because she was always on the run. Much like a horse at a derby, running with eyes wide and nostrils flaring toward excitement and a future unknown.  Running away from home, running away from relationships, and as an adult, always running into trouble. No one knows her real name or how she got to be the owner of the Brixton Orphanage for Children in Oasis Springs. Some believe that it was bequeathed to her at the death of a distant relative. Through a glitch in the government system, Miss Derby still gets monthly stipends and spends it almost entirely on herself.

Manipulative and selfish, Miss Derby won’t hesitate to be harsh to the children. She has set impossible rules every child must live by and loves to punish them by not feeding them as a result.

The rules are as follows:

  1. Never be seen or heard
  2. Never go into Miss Derby’s bedroom. Ever.
  3. Never eat Miss Derby’s cheese.

All children who come to stay at the orphanage are allowed to be dropped off with no questions asked as long as they are also dropped off with a large sum of money or other highly valuable item. No paper trails lead back to anyone as to whom these children belong to. Miss Derby is counting the days she can have the remaining children either adopted or aged out so she can leave Oasis Springs with her loot she has saved over the years.


It is unknown if Miss Derby’s parents are still alive or where they are as she ran away from home after she graduated from high school.



Past Marriages:

A wild tryst after her senior year of high school led Miss Derby to Las Vegas on a dare where she wed (and later quickly annulled) her swim coach, Enrique Vargas.

Flings & Relationships:

Her high School Swim Coach, Enrique Vargas.


Current: Oasis Springs

Past: Las Vegas

Current and Past Occupation:

  • Current Matron and owner of the Brixton Orphanage for Children in Oasis Springs.
  • Past Occupation: A brief stint as a magician’s assistant in Las Vegas.

Crimes Committed:


Scrapbook Photos:

Watching her favorite Audrey Hepburn movie, “Roman Holiday.”
 photo Miss Derby watching Audrey on bench copy_zps2011dpi6.jpg

After a long day putting up with the children at the Orphanage, Miss Derby likes to enjoy a huge glass of wine.
 photo MD drinking wht wine out of glass copy_zpso98vwjqr.jpg

Admiring her most prized possession, this mysterious statue sits on her fireplace mantle.
 photo MD admiring statue copy_zpssu7k5e41.jpg

Miss Derby yells at Grace daily. She really hates children and Grace annoys her the most.
 photo MD yelling at Grace copy_zpsqmrovptu.jpg

Miss Derby as a teenager in high school falling in love with her swim coach, Enrique Vargas.
 photo MD with Swim coach copy_zpsdp3bbyaw.jpg

After graduating from high school, Miss Derby ran away with Enrique and married him at a cheesy Las Vegas casino.
 photo MD married at casino copy_zpsjwnbwchn.jpg

Soon after Miss Derby married Enrique, they got an annulment and Miss Derby got a job as a magicians assistant to save money to move back to Oasis Springs, her hometown.
 photo MD as a Magicians assistant copy_zpstdlqgvio.jpg

11 thoughts on “Miss Derby

  1. Hmm, interesting background for Miss Derby, especially that “Past Occupation: A brief stint as a magician’s assistant in Las Vegas…” I’m wondering if her magician tricks involved making children disappear since she Hates Children and is so mean!!! Lol.

    Liked by 3 people

    • Oh my gosh your comment just made me laugh sooooo hard!! She is very mean. Lol.

      I love that you’re taking the time to meet the characters. Glad you are enjoying the series so far. 🙂


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