Molly Robinson

Meet Molly Robinson

 photo S2 Molly Pic - Copy_zpsdfrdb2rz.png

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Useful information about Molly:

  • Born and raised in Magnolia Promenade.
  • Grew up as an only child in a loving family.
  • Met her husband through her father, who work together at the same hospital.
  • Has always wanted a family of her own but is unable to have children.
  • Adopted Sophie Templeton.
  • Molly’s father, Evan Kirkpatrick, passed away just before Sophie was adopted.
  • Aspiration: Soul Mate
  • Traits: Family Oriented, Cheerful, Good, Sincere, Incredibly Friendly, Sickness Resistance, Poetic, Memorable, Companion, Essence of Flavor, Domestic, Long Lived, Perfect Host, Carefree, Hilarious, Fresh Chef, Socially Gifted, Gregarious, Alluring

Molly’s History:

Born and raised in Magnolia Promenade, Molly grew up with loving parents and as an adult, met and married her soul mate, Drake Robinson. Her one dream in life was to have a child and when she discovered that she couldn’t, her mother, Charlotte, suggested adoption. Molly and her husband, Drake, went to Brixton Orphanage for Children to adopt a child.

Heading into Season 2:

Molly and Drake adopted Sophie Templeton and returned to Magnolia Promenade and they have raised her as their own child. They adore Sophie and look forward to giving her a wonderful life.


Charlotte Kirkpatrick (Mother)

Evan Kirkpatrick (Father – Deceased)


Sophie Templeton (Adopted Daughter)

Past Marriages:

Drake Robinson (Currently Married)

Flings & Relationships:

Drake Robinson


Current: Magnolia Promenade

Current and Past Occupation:

Current: Stay at home Mom

Current: Volunteers sometimes at her mother’s bakery

Crimes Committed:


Scrapbook Photos:

Molly and her husband, Drake.
 photo Sophies adoptive parents - Copy copy_zpshneqzsmp.jpg

Molly at her father’s funeral with her husband, Drake. Her mother, Charlotte, took the death of her husband very hard.
 photo Evans Funeral_zps3x84qos2.jpg

Molly and Sophie sharing a hug while on a hike on Sophie’s first camping trip.
 photo Molly and Sophie Camping_zpsddjayvln.jpg

Molly teaching Sophie how to swim.
 photo Teaching Sophie how to swim copy_zpsg1mjjguz.jpg

The Robinson’s first family Christmas.
 photo Family Christmas_zpszivslsen.jpg

First family vacation. Camping in Granite Falls.
 photo Family Vacation_zps7vy5ri4s.jpg

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