Hazel Kim

Meet Hazel Kim

Hazel Kim photo Hazelactual_zpsqosw3b14.jpg

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Useful information about Hazel

  • Arrived at the Brixton Orphanage for Children at 5.
  • Shy and awkward, Hazel often hung out alone at the Orphanage until she became best friends with Alex Crews, another child at the Orphanage.
  • Aspiration: Whiz Kid
  • Trait: Loner, Savant, Memorable, Quick Learner, Independent, Webmaster, Hilarious


Hazel’s History:

Hazel arrived at the orphanage at the age of five. After Hazel’s father, Cho Kim, discovered that there was a place to leave children, no questions asked, for a hefty fee. The cost didn’t bother him. It was the fact that his wife, Shizuko Kim, gave birth to a daughter when all he wanted was a boy to hand over his Fortune 500 tech company to.


Heading into Season 2:

Over the years, Hazel became best friends with Alex Crews, another child at the Orphanage. After years of misery while living at the Orphanage, Alex and Hazel packed their bags and caught a midnight train out of Oasis Springs.



Shizuko Kim (Mother)

Cho Kim (Father)





Past Marriages:



Flings & Relationships:




Current: A decision was made in Chapter 8 which leaves this information unknown.

Past: Brixton Orphanage for Children in Oasis Springs.


Current and Past Occupation:



Crimes Committed:



Scrapbook Photos:

Playing with her best friend, Alex, in the backyard at Brixton Orphanage for Children.
 photo With best friend Alex copy_zps9bkt1teu.jpg


Running away from the Orphanage with Alex and catching the midnight train out of Oasis Springs.
 photo Running away copy_zpsrsgxhaum.jpg

4 thoughts on “Hazel Kim

  1. Awww, poor Hazel! 😦 If her parents ever do have a boy, maybe he can one day search for his long lost sister… that is, if he hasn’t been corrupted by greed and turned into his father!

    Great story background – I see you’ve been adding more character bios! Keep up the good work!

    Liked by 1 person

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