Chapter 7

Wrapping a towel around her head, and slipping into the bathtub, Grace settled into the hot water and closed her eyes. It had been a long evening, but she had done it. She was so excited. It was much easier than she thought. She didn’t know what she was so afraid of. It turned out she didn’t have any reaction to the latex, at least nothing yet. Letting her muscles relax, she let go of the tension she was carrying.

CH 7 Pic 1

“Okay, the plan is to get directions from Angelo tonight to Magnolia Promenade and leave first thing in the morning.” Grace whispered to herself. Grace kept trying to relax but the excitement of her evening kept rushing through her. Eager to see if she looked any different, Grace pulled the plug in the tub to drain the water and walked over to the mirror. Standing there with her eyes closed, she let out a deep breath and opened her eyes slowly. She did look different. Totally different. And she loved it!

CH 7 Pic 2



50 thoughts on “Chapter 7

  1. I could see someone making that comment about a box of bright pink hair dye, and it just goes to show truth can be stranger than fiction, since many people felt a clerk wouldn’t say that, but it was a real- life experience you had. The way you wrote it was really fun and intriguing. Now she’s ready to rumble, get out there, and make mistakes *shields eyes and looks away*

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