Chapter 10

On a bright and sunny Monday morning, Grace was in the front yard playing with Chompy before she had to leave for school.

 photo CH 10 pic 1_zpszhv79qjo.png

“Well, hello.” Said a cheerful female voice. Startled, Grace looked up and saw a sweet young couple.

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“Um, hi…” Grace replied, shyly.
“Enjoying the morning?” The man said.
“Yes, sir.” Grace said.
“Your friend here is a beautiful yellow. What’s his name?” The woman asked, sweetly.
“This is Chompy.” Grace answered, holding him up proudly for the couple to see.Β Bending over, the man shook Chompy’s little hand.
“A pleasure to meet you.” The man smiled. Just then, his cell phone rang.

 photo CH 10 pic 3_zpssfeviqtn.png

“Dr. Robinson…” He said, speaking into the phone. “Okay, I will be there next week and I will have more supplies and medicine on hand. Thank you for the call.” Hanging up the phone, he looked at his wife and smiled. He was so excited. This was the day. He and his wife had tried for years to have a child of their own, but they have been unable to conceive. When his wife’s mother suggested adoption, they were both thrilled. They really could still become a family.

 photo CH 10 pic 4_zps9reg2rwf.png

“You’re a doctor?” Grace asked.
“Yep, I travel the world and bring supplies to countries and treat the Llama Flu.” The man said, with a proud smile.
“How cool!” Grace said. A doctor meant that he knew all about science which was Grace’s all time favorite subject.
“My name is Molly, and this is my husband, Drake. We were hoping someone was here that we could talk to about adopting.” The woman said, warmly. Grace’s heart flew into her throat. This is it! The perfect family that Grace had been waiting years for.
“Yes, ma’am. Her name is Miss Derby and she’s inside. She can help you.” Grace instructed. Grace was so excited. This was finally her chance. She looked up at the couple with hopeful eyes.

 photo CH 10 pic 5_zpsbqm8ppva.png

Molly and Drake walked inside and before they could find Miss Derby, Sophie came walking down the hallway.
“Hi! Can I help you?” Sophie said, cheerily.
“Hello, we were looking for Miss Derby.” Molly said.
“Oh, she’s in her office on an important phone call, but she will be done in a second.” Sophie said.
“Do you know the name of the little girl out front?” Asked Drake.

 photo CH 10 pic 6_zpshmuxyky5.png

“Oh that’s lucky Grace. I call her lucky because she got adopted this morning. She’s out front waiting for her family.” Sophie lied. She meant it when she said she was going to get out of the orphanage, no matter what.

 photo CH 10 pic 7_zpsaep0eoeg.png

53 thoughts on “Chapter 10

  1. No way, that’s just horrible! I”m very disappointed in Sophie, although she did say she was going to get out no matter what. I was also really wondering how the conversation would go with Miss Derby– I’d be surprised if she doesn’t turn the couple away empty-handed just out of meanness.

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  2. The handiest tool in a reader’s pocket is the power of empathy.

    I cannot blame Sophie for a minute, once one considers who they are and under what conditions they all live in, and of course, that potential adoptive families don’t pop in out of the blue every day.

    If nothing else, children in a situation like this hone their survival skills more than anything else.

    Even in the best of circumstances, “best childhood friends” grow apart, and in the not-uncommon event one of the “Friends, forevermore” moves away– they fade to little more than a fond memory within the span of a season, let alone years. Promises of “Oh I’m going to write to you every DAY!” get forgotten in less than a month as the world turns and time moves on, as they always will.

    This pattern repeats as kids grow up. I forgot half the names of my high school graduating class and I don’t keep in touch with any aside from reunion time because life takes people in different directions.

    Now Sophie’s trick won’t work anyway, but she doesn’t know that. Kids cannot be expected to have adult scruples. Heck, too many adults I can think of, lack “adult” scruples.

    But hey, that’s just me.. Maybe too much empathy, but better that than too little, IMO

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  3. I know she’s only a kid and her life is pretty desperate, but she’s gonna need a friend like Grace in her life and right now I really don’t like Sophie! I love how your writing attaches me to the characters haha πŸ˜€

    Liked by 1 person

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  6. Oh, Sophie why did you have to lie? Lying is not the answer to bad situations but when you’re a kid in her situation I guess thinking of others goes out the window. Hope she doesn’t lose her friends over this. Enjoyed the update though.

    Liked by 1 person

  7. Ooooooh I don’t like Sophie so much anymore! Even if Grace wanted to leave as badly as Sophie does, I have a feeling she would never do that to her friend.


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