Chapter 2

The rest of the day passed slowly and Grace was exhausted. Staying hidden in the closet until nighttime, Grace crawled out quietly and lay on her cot to sleep.

Drawing Chompy close to her, she whispered, “Will I ever make a single friend here?”

 photo radiator grace and chompy 11_zps5kcfqnzv.jpg

Soft light from the moon shined through the painted shut window and onto the metal cot beside hers and cast a warm glow that reflected onto the wall. Squinting her eyes, Grace pretended to see actual stars. A tiny galaxy shining just for her. Sighing, she closed her eyes and listened to the electrical hum of the radiator as it lulled her to sleep.

 photo grace stars_zpsy9moj9y9.jpg

25 thoughts on “Chapter 2

  1. I’m just now backtracking from reading recent posts and I wanted to let you know I can’t see the pics on this post! D: Maybe it’s just me? I’m loving this story so far, by the way!!

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